Information about Swiftkash

App Name:Swiftkash
Amount of money:₦2000 - ₦600000
Interest Rate:0% - 12.92%/Year
Operating system::APK, IOS, Pc
Address:2 Adetola Ogunnaike Street, Berger Ojodu, Abia, Nigeria

Swiftkash has launched in the financial market and has continuously caused a stir. Many customers and experts believe that it is a good solution for borrowing money. For those familiar with the finance and lending industry, Swiftkash is not a new term. However, if you are hearing about this term for the first time, it is a brand that has developed in the online lending industry in Nigeria.

In simple terms, Swiftkash is a solution or application for borrowing money online. The application operates on a financial technology platform with the task of connecting lenders and customers. Therefore, by simply accessing the application, you can quickly borrow the money you need.

What sets Swiftkash apart is that all lending transactions take place online. All you need is a device connected to the internet. Then you can access Swiftkash, perform a few basic steps, and within a few minutes, you will have the money in your account to solve your financial difficulties. You do not have to spend time and effort meeting with lenders or filling out complicated loan application forms.

We are completely reliable

Every online lending solution brings concerns to customers, especially those who are new to borrowing money online. This is because the risks of borrowing money online are quite high. Many cases show that customers who borrow money through apps or online websites are often victims of fraud.

Therefore, with Swiftkash, many customers are worried that this online lending solution is not safe and may be a scam. So what is the truth? Firstly, remember that the information about us being a scam is false. Do not let these misunderstandings prevent you from trying a lending solution that many customers prefer.

Specifically, remember that we have been present in the financial market for more than 2 years. Since launching, the application has helped many customers effectively solve their financial problems. Therefore, as a customer, you will experience a professional lending service. The entire lending process takes place online but is always transparent and clear. All information related to the loan is updated in detail on the app/website, including:

  • Limit
  • Interest rate
  • Related costs

Especially when borrowing money from Swiftkash, there is a specific loan contract in which all terms are detailed and agreed upon by the borrower. Therefore, you can trust borrowing money here.

How to borrow money from Swiftkash

Swiftkash promises to ensure the safety of the loan as well as the security of personal data for you. So if you need to borrow money urgently, do not overlook this solution. Simply follow a few steps as follows to quickly borrow money.

  1. Access our official website to download the app.
  2. Click on Register. If you already have an account, you can log in.
  3. Select the desired loan limit.
  4. Update accurate information:
  5. Full name
  6. Phone number
  7. ID card number, including date and place of issuance
  8. Address
  9. Bank account
  10. Click confirm.
  11. Wait for loan approval. If your loan application is accepted, our staff will contact you via phone.
  12. The money will be quickly transferred to your bank account.

However, please note that your loan application will only be considered for approval if you meet certain requirements, such as:

  • Being 18 years of age or older
  • Being a Nigerian citizen
  • Having a bank account.

How to pay Swiftkash when it comes due

Swiftkash allows you to make simple payments when your loan is due. To avoid late payments, the system will send you reminders via text message. Typically, these reminders will be sent a few days in advance, allowing you to prepare the necessary funds. When the payment is due, you can make the payment using one of four methods, which are:

  • Visit a linked bank's transaction counter to make the payment in person.
  • Bank payment details will be sent in the reminder message.
  • Pay the loan online Online banking E-wallet.